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Visualising data

People have used images to communicate information for centuries; presenting data visually with graphs or pictures to shine a light on often complex investigations in a clear and concise way.

The PuLSE Visualising Data project is a collaboration between LSE’s Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and the LSE Design Unit to present some of LSE’s cutting-edge research visually.

With support from the HEIF 5 fund, four research projects from across LSE have initially been chosen and developed into interactive and intuitive visualisations. By presenting the data interactively, we can drill down into charts and graphs with more detail and precision, changing what data is seen and how it is processed depending on how the person viewing it.

We are grateful to all four researchers for their work on these projects, to the project management of Jonathan Ing in LSE’s Design Unit, and to the outstanding imagination, design and meticulous execution from our colleagues Robin Houston and Duncan Clark at