The Wire as sociology

In this post, Tom Brookes considers ‘The Wire’ as a sociological cultural object in its production, form and content, and consumption.

Ten years ago this month, HBO broadcast the final episode of The Wire (2002-2008). It had not been plain sailing. Since its inception, The Wire had weathered low viewing figures and regular threats of cancellation. However, by its conclusion, and throughout the subsequent […]

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    Representing (Ir)Reverence: what The Crown can tell us about our relationship with the monarchy today

Representing (Ir)Reverence: what The Crown can tell us about our relationship with the monarchy today

In this piece, Anirbaan Banerjee explores the pervasiveness of the British monarchy through the lens of the historical television drama series, The Crown.

One does not need to be facing the imposing façade of the Buckingham Palace to be able to acknowledge the indelible imprint of the monarchy on British society. Homage to the sovereign is omnipresent ­– from city streets to […]

High-Rise: society through representational space

In this piece, Alejandro Fernández explores the genre of science-fiction through Foucault’s concept of identification and communication between artist and spectator, with particular reference to JG Ballard’s novel High-Rise (1975). 
“A mere confrontation, eyes catching one another’s glance, direct looks superimposing themselves upon one another as they cross. And yet this slender line of reciprocal visibility embraces a whole complex network of […]

The National Museum of Bosnia-Herzegovina – or culture lost in transition?

by Jasmina Gavrankapetanović-Redžić

Jasmina works as Assistant Professor at the Art Education Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.

Recently, a colleague of mine at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo told me she had felt more enthusiastic about working during the war. She said: “You know it was better in the time of war, even in the […]

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Hoardings Around Hackney: sociology, art and barriers

by MSc Sociology student, Lucy Wood


I recently did a piece of research on construction hoardings. The primary function of hoardings is to keep the public safely out of construction sites, but the boards also provide a surface for advertising – for communicating ideas. It seemed to me that these hoardings share many of the same characteristics as evangelical Christian […]

Restorative Justice, Photography… And Theory

By Anna Matczak
Around this time last year I became interested in photography. I bought my first DSLR camera and began to explore things like ISO, shutter, aperture etc. While my very first photography experiences were rather random, it is only recently I started asking myself why it is that I revel in photography and what taking pictures means to […]

Art, Displacement and Sociology

The aim of this post is to highlight the way in which sociological issues can be explored through art and non-textual form. The following is a selection of work from a project by Wilfred Lim, an artist from Malaysia, which focuses on issues of forced displacement. More details of Wilfred and his work can be found at:

Wilfred grew up in Pengerang, a […]

Culture and Social Change: The Role of Aesthetics

LSE’s Department of Sociology was host to a conference on 16th and 17th December 2013.

The conference aim was to put aesthetics at the centre of the sociology of culture’s emerging research agenda and to lay the basis for an understanding of culture and the arts beyond entertainment and the consolidation of existing social boundaries.


Much use was made of Twitter […]

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