Doing Sociology

What’s the Role of Sociology After Brexit?

By Zosia Sztykowski (@zosiaxyz) MSc candidate in the LSE Sociology Department

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How do sociological insights explain why so many millions of Britons voted to leave the European Union on June 23? What could sociologists have done differently before the referendum, and why did the result take many of them by surprise? These questions, along with the one in […]

Interviewer Identity and Reflexivity in Qualitative Research: lessons from a masters thesis

By Rabia Nasimi (@RabiaNasimi)


Understanding the position, perspective, beliefs and values of the researcher is an issue in all research: it’s bound to affect what they choose to investigate, how they investigate it, which findings are most important and even how conclusions are framed and communicated. This is particularly true in qualitative research where the researcher is often construed as […]

Privatisation of Street Food Markets in London: curating markets and place

By Paz Concha, PhD Candidate, LSE Sociology – @pazc

In a recent edition of The Guardian, there was a story about the privatisation of Berwick Street Market, an historic London market in the heart of Soho. Stallholders are protesting at the council’s decision to bring in a “commercial operator” to manage the market. Why would the council would do that? Not only […]

A Southerner Ventures North

by Georgina Sykes, an undergraduate student at Leeds Beckett University


Standing outside the library in the cold air and slight drizzle of rain I was approached by a friendly face asking if I had a lighter they could borrow. I did, so I gave them my lighter and was then asked if I was having a nice day. The friendly […]

A Northerner Ventures South

by Anjali Davidson, a first-year sociology undergraduate at the LSE.

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The Northern society recently held a pub quiz, and I attended as one of the markers. As I sat with the committee and the answer sheets, during the quiz a female member of the committee was asked why she had joined the Northern Society by a lad […]

Hoardings Around Hackney: sociology, art and barriers

by MSc Sociology student, Lucy Wood


I recently did a piece of research on construction hoardings. The primary function of hoardings is to keep the public safely out of construction sites, but the boards also provide a surface for advertising – for communicating ideas. It seemed to me that these hoardings share many of the same characteristics as evangelical Christian […]

Love, Space-Time, and Language: a taste of Norwegian culture

by Alex Mellbye, MSc Sociology student at LSE


I would daresay that one of the reasons people are drawn to sociology is an aim for self-understanding, at least, this is certainly my case. However, as all who do sociology are aware of, the self, or to put it a different way, identity, is always contextual. For me now, the context […]

How Death Turned My Hand, Eyes and Heart Towards The ‘Third World’

By Yasmin Choudhury 


The loss of a father for many will often spark not just fury, anger and loss, but invite a calling. And that is what happened to me. Not immediately, but slowly. Drip by drip. Made all the more shocking and frightening as this calling meant I chose to embark on a journey of examining international development at grass […]

Should Sociologists Care About #OscarsSoWhite?

by Ronda Daniel – @rondaemily_


Initially, when I saw #OscarsSoWhite trending, referring to the fact that none of the nominations for this year’s Oscars feature performers of colour for the second year running, and responses from Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett-Smith who have chosen to boycott the awards ceremony, I viewed this as a trivial, non-issue. By ‘trivial, non-issue’, I originally […]

I Feel Smart After Leaving the LSE

By MSc City Design and Social Science Graduand, Álvaro Orbea


So what is it like to be a post-graduate from LSE Sociology? I must clarify first that I’m not a sociologist, and I’ve been questioning the sociologist abilities that I learned in school (after I got my grades back). I don’t know if anyone is in my position, but to […]