An Open Letter to Yanis Varoufakis

In the following open letter, George Souvlis and Samuele Mazzolini respond to the recent launch of DiEM25, a pan-European movement to democratise the EU, in Rome. This originally appeared on LeftEast, whose editors have kindly given us permission to repost here.

Dear Yanis,

We decided to write you this letter after following closely the launch of DiEM 25 in Rome on 23 March. The missive […]

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The Lost Honour of Europe

MSc Sociology graduand, Maria-Christina Vogkli, offers her reflections on the current political situation in Europe


Last week has been a dreadful week for Europe. In Portugal, a constitutional crisis has occurred after Portugal’s constitutional president denied the anti-austerity Left-wing party to form a majority government even though it secured an absolute majority. With the aim of appeasing financial markets and satisfying Brussels, democracy […]