Wokeness as Capital

Sarah Ang considers the concept of wokeness in relation to Pride Month and corporate and celebrity gay ‘allies’: are they a sign of genuine progress or capitalism cashing in?

June: It is most obviously Pride Month along Oxford Street. The commercial and corporate embrace of Pride is clear when it comes to marking campaigns for what has become known as […]

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    Football or Women’s football – what’s the catch for women playing sport at LSE?

Football or Women’s football – what’s the catch for women playing sport at LSE?

LSE Sociology research student and footballer Marion Lieutaud and her team-mate Eponine Howarth (Department of Law undergraduate) say we should call time on the sexism which is still a part of the culture in LSE team sports.

2018-2019 has been an incredibly successful season for women playing football and futsal (indoor 5-aside version of football) at the London School of […]

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    A Response to Critiques of ‘To the Bone’: why films on anorexia will never do it “right”

A Response to Critiques of ‘To the Bone’: why films on anorexia will never do it “right”

In this piece, Clotilde Du Mesnil De Maricourt considers a number of critiques of the 2017 Netflix production ‘To The Bone’, drawing on her own experience and the dissertation she’s currently writing on eating disorder recovery narratives.

TW: eating disorders

Following mixed responses to Netflix’s new film To the Bone which came out last summer, I decided to make up my own opinion of it. A year […]

Child Sexual Abuse: Private Trouble or Public Issue?

By Kay Inckle, LSE Sociology Department

Since November 16th, when ex-footballer Andy Woodward revealed to The Guardian that he had been systematically sexually abused by his football coach at Crew Alexandra, a number of other players have spoken publically about their own experiences of sexual abuse ( Once again British society is ‘rocked’ by revelations of the systematic sexual abuse […]

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Gender Equality: #NotThereYet

By Ioanna Gouseti


One of the key messages of Clinton’s campaign was that her victory in the 58th US presidential election would tell people, and especially younger generations, that this is now a world of limitless opportunities for women. The glass ceiling would have finally been broken, and we would have had serious evidence of this. In the morning of […]

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Gender and Sexuality in the US Election: three lessons

By Charis Thompson – @charismt

The US nation spent the last month or so deciding whether to mind that one of the two major party candidates, Donald Trump, had bragged about using his money and power to kiss and grope women without consent, including the line about “grabbing women by the pussy,” that spurred the striking “pussy grabs back” meme. This […]

A Week of Black Feminism and Colourism – In Pictures

by Ronda Daniel- @rondaemily_

This week, we saw black feminist icon Beyoncé release Lemonade, in which she wore “European features”, highlighting how the femininity of black women is persistently under scrutiny at the hands of white beauty standards. This visual album also featured cameos from feminist and anti-racist icons such as Amandla Stenberg and Zendaya Coleman, and tributes to black […]

Sexual Violence: a capitalist love story

by Dena Lagomarsino (@dena_lake), Sociology PhD student at Tulane University

This post originally appeared as a blog on The Huffington Post as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (S.A.A.M.)

After someone I love opened up to me about their sexual assault, they stated something that has stuck with me ever since, informing my research and spurring me to action: “Sexual violence is ruthlessly […]

The Era of the ‘Booty’ and the ‘Burqa’

by Dr Poonam Madar, University of Surrey


What’s “hot right now” – not to confuse it with Rita Ora’s track – is the ‘hype’ around ‘A Big Booty’, and this concept seems to be endlessly trending on social media. Perhaps we have Vogue to ‘thank’ (or ‘blame’?) for making that initial booty call (no pun intended).

According to Vogue, “We’re Officially in the […]

Our Country, Our Women: the gendered discourse on migration

by Helena Landelius, MSc International Migration and Public Policy Student at LSE


Why should we welcome them to our country when they will sexually harass our women?

This question was recently posed at an LSE public lecture with Baroness Amos on the global refugee crisis and the implications of that crisis to our common humanity. In my head someone should […]

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