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NGOs and Refugees: The Afghanistan and Central Asian Association

By Jessica Rush, Oxford graduate and legal intern at the Afghanistan and Central Asian Association

The media – in particular the tabloids – has a tendency to label asylum seekers ‘scroungers’. Asylum seekers and refugees are painted as embodying the antithesis of ‘British Values’, flooding the country with degenerates who are attempting to game the system (see examples here and here). This […]

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Behind The Numbers: the role of NGOs in the refugee crisis

by Jessica Rush, Oxford graduate and legal intern at ACAA



With the demolition of the Calais Jungle happening this week, the precarious situation of those that seek refuge in Europe is once again highlighted in the news. The numbers give a sense of the scale of the problem: there are around 7,000 who were officially estimated as living in the […]

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On Rabia Nasimi: how refugees from Afghanistan can find a place in British society

By Chloe Blades, a social activist aiming to uncover the reality of refugees in Britain

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The politics within Afghanistan is turbulent to say the least with conflict spanning centuries, mostly due to its unfortunate positioning as a pawn on the chessboard controlled by the world’s political super powers. With foreign influences entering in and out of Afghanistan from the […]