Deep Listening : to understand a different perspective

Marshall Institute Practitioner in Residence Emily Kasriel introduces her Deep Listening project
When people are listened to sensitively, they tend to listen to themselves with more care and to make clear exactly what they are feeling and thinking-  Psychologist Carl Rogers
Most of us think we are above-average listeners.  I come from the field of journalism, and journalists are especially confident […]

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    Coronavirus nearly ended homelessness in the UK. How can we end it for good?

Coronavirus nearly ended homelessness in the UK. How can we end it for good?

With social problems expected to soar in coming months, Dr Lígia Teixeira of the Centre for Homelessness Impact examines what is needed to help tackle homelessness more effectively in the UK.

The Centre for Homelessness Impact (CHI) aims to inspire government at all levels to make more and better use of data and evidence when making important decisions about tackling […]

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Covid-19 and the voluntary sector

Businesses and the self-employed have received significant financial support from the UK Government during the Covid-19 crisis, and the debts of NHS hospital trusts have been wiped out.  Many voluntary organisations and community groups are under pressure too, facing reduced income at just the time when demand for their services has risen hugely.  Should voluntary organisations receive support too?

Is it time to rehabilitate capitalism?

As academic director of the new LSE short course, Purpose and Profit: The Essentials of Social Business, Marshall Institute Director Stephan Chambers explains the rationale behind this new course.

The history of business is the history of human beings trading with each other; discovering efficiencies of scale and comparative advantage, creating surplus, investing capital, and building infrastructure.

In its purest form, capitalism […]

The Marshall Institute’s books of 2019

As the end of 2019 approaches, we share some of the books we’ve been reading at The Marshall Institute that have sparked conversation and proved provocative. Each have a connection in some way with the mission of the Institute.

Stephan Chambers,  Institute Director: 

Paul Collier, The Future of Capitalism: Facing the New Anxieties

Our conversation with Paul Collier and The Philanthropy Workshop […]

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    The innovative role of business in rebuilding a peaceful Colombia

The innovative role of business in rebuilding a peaceful Colombia

In this timely blog, Dr. Mary Martin describes her Marshall Institute Small Grants research project on how private businesses and corporate executives have played an innovative and significant role in moving forward the peace process in Colombia – and how that role may be undermined by changes in the political environment. Such contributions are symptomatic of an increasing expectation that […]

The devilishly difficult job of keeping angels motivated

Charities are under increasing pressure to demonstrate tangible impact but, in her study funded by Marshall’s small grant programme, Dr Julia Morley finds these cold and business-like descriptions of charitable activities can have a detrimental effect on worker motivation. In this blog, she shares her findings on the true effect of impact reporting on staff identity at UK social enterprises […]

Giving big: when it comes to charities, does size matter?

In the third sector, a tiny minority of charities get most of the attention and revenue, but the vast majority of smaller charities offer the crucial front-line services. New research from the Lloyds Bank Foundation reveals how the core strengths of small charities are more important than ever. This article is based on a presentation given in November 2018 for the Marshall Institute’s […]

Motivation matters, especially in the public sector

As an economist and former public policy adviser, Sir Julian Le Grand has experienced first-hand the importance of motivations and incentives in the public sector. As the Marshall Institute prepares to launch the Executive Master’s in Social Business and Entrepreneurship, Julian looks at how our deepest motivations can radically impact outcomes, even at the highest level. 

What drives us is more […]

How loneliness harms communities – and how to stop it

Having dedicated his career to strengthening communities, David Robinson recounts the damage that isolation can wreak upon social groups. As shallow connections displace meaningful ones, our increasingly atomised society could trigger a loneliness epidemic – but things might be changing.

The older I get, the less certain I am. But of this I am sure: relationships matter. It is not only […]