Giving big: when it comes to charities, does size matter?

In the third sector, a tiny minority of charities get most of the attention and revenue, but the vast majority of smaller charities offer the crucial front-line services. New research from the Lloyds Bank Foundation reveals how the core strengths of small charities are more important than ever. This article is based on a presentation given in November 2018 for the Marshall Institute’s […]

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    When it comes to social enterprise, clear thinking matters – here’s why

When it comes to social enterprise, clear thinking matters – here’s why

‘Social enterprise’ is fast becoming one of this generation’s most popular business buzzwords. But within this broad title, there are vast distinctions – and if they’re not properly recognised, a lack of clarity can hinder social impact organisations. The Marshall Institute’s Tom Rippin investigates the history of social enterprise, revealing the surprising differences within them.

In the last two decades, the magic […]

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    Challenging the leaders of tomorrow at the St. Gallen Symposium

Challenging the leaders of tomorrow at the St. Gallen Symposium

Groundbreaking new ideas often come from young people – but how can we help them actually get implemented? Nominated as a ‘Leader of Tomorrow’ Chelsea Phipps attended the St Gallen Symposium, a unique annual gathering uniting the best of the next generation with some of the world’s most influential business and cultural leaders. 

Back in the summer, I had the privilege of […]

Motivation matters, especially in the public sector

As an economist and former public policy adviser, Sir Julian Le Grand has experienced first-hand the importance of motivations and incentives in the public sector. As the Marshall Institute prepares to launch the Executive Master’s in Social Business and Entrepreneurship, Julian looks at how our deepest motivations can radically impact outcomes, even at the highest level. 

What drives us is more […]

Why do we innovate?

It’s one of this generation’s most popular buzzwords, but how well do we really understand innovation? Aunnie Patton Power puts the concept under the microscope, arguing that purpose is an overlooked element of successful innovation. 

Innovation might be one of the most overused words of our time. From the iPhone to self-driving cars to see through solar panels we are surrounded by talk […]

How loneliness harms communities – and how to stop it

Having dedicated his career to strengthening communities, David Robinson recounts the damage that isolation can wreak upon social groups. As shallow connections displace meaningful ones, our increasingly atomised society could trigger a loneliness epidemic – but things might be changing.

The older I get, the less certain I am. But of this I am sure: relationships matter. It is not only […]