Jan 21 2013

Our first sub-group: Reablement

Reablement supports people to learn or re-learn skills necessary for daily living which are lost following deterioration in health or due to increasing support needs. Its focus is on supporting individuals to gain their independence and improve functioning, rather than resolving healthcare issues.

The White Paper Caring for our future is united under the theme of maximising independence through prevention, person-centred planning, individual choice and control and the active engagement of individuals in developing the best support for their circumstances. Reablement reflects a significant culture change in social care as people are encouraged to regain and relearn the ability to do things for themselves in a personalised way.

The main questions surround reablement are:

  • Can it achieve better outcomes?
  • Who will benefit from reablement services?
  • Can savings be made by investing in reablement services?

As phase one of the ‘Creating an impact: Social care evidence in practice’ project, we will begin to answer these questions in a workshop this week at the University of Birmingham on 23 January 2013. The workshop programme will be created to answer specific practice issues around the topic of reablement for those attending. We have arranged talks from:

  • Gerry Nosowska (Research in Practice for Adults) will present current practice issues arising in reablement and identify the main priorities for development.
  • Robin Miller and Kerry Allen (NIHR School for Social Care Research) will present findings from their research on prevention services in local authorities in adult social care, with key messages for practice. There will be an opportunity to discuss their project Findings Summary and practice messages given to participants.
  • Martin Knapp (NIHR School for Social Care Research) will discuss approaches to economic evaluation in adult social care, using academic research on reablement to approach the question ‘Does reablement save money?’ Discussion will focus on whether messages from this can be directly applied to practice.
  • A short video on the business case for reablement will be viewed followed by a question and answer session with Jen Francis (Social Care Institute for Excellence) and all presenters.

This workshop is an opportunity for researchers, reablement leads and practitioners to begin discussing best practice and evidence in reablement. We will be asking participants to consider how the project can explore the topic of reablement over the next four months and what methods of evidence informed practice would be beneficial to individual practice.

This workshop is open to all social care practitioners interested in the topic of reablement and is free to attend. If you would like to register your interest for the event or ask any further questions please email ke-socialcare@lse.ac.uk

We welcome all comments on the topic of reablement so please feel free to email the project team or leave comments on the project website. Alternatively to get involved in the workshop or to ask our presenters a question please use #Reablement on twitter throughout the workshop.

Reablement Programme 23 January 2013 (PDF)

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