Nov 16 2014

Final conference, 26 November 2014

Our final conference takes place on Wednesday 26 November 2014, 10.00 to 16.30.

This conference, jointly hosted by the Personal Social Services Research Unit at the LSE and the NIHR School for Social Care Research, will bring together learning and recommendations from just over two years of activity on knowledge exchange and impact in adult social care. The conference will present findings from our LSE HEIF 5-funded project, Creating an Impact: Social Care Research in Action (SCEiP), which aimed to: bring researchers and social care professionals together to identify key issues in social care and apply research evidence to those priority issues; further enhance dialogue between research, practice and policy stakeholders to support joint knowledge development and exchange; increase the demand for, and utilisation of, research evidence by professionals; and explore ways to demonstrate the impact of social care research.

This conference will discuss findings from the study, as well as wider activities funded by the NIHR School for Social Care Research, discuss examples of non-traditional methods for knowledge exchange and methods for impact assessment, as well as recommendations for next steps. Outputs and guides for knowledge exchange and impact from the SCEiP project will also be launched. The Conference will feature contributions from experts, researchers and practice colleagues in the adult social care field.

Outline programme

10.00: Welcome, introduction and scene setting
11.00: Lightening talks: SCEiP project activity
12.00: Lunch
12.45: Parallel sessions

  • Session 1: Evidence into Practice – This session will focus on issues around improving links between research and practice, how to engage all ahead of proposal developments (for research or for service improvement), building research capacity within the sector (across academia and practice)
  • Session 2: Knowledge Exchange Methods – This session will focus specifically on methods (such as videos, infographics, social media) to share research evidence as well as to engage practice and research, covering what works, barriers etc.
  • Session 3: Impact Assessment – This session will focus on research impact assessment – methods, tools – and how to evaluate research approaches throughout a study.

14.00: Learning from policy piloting – three examples from health and social care
14.30: Lessons from the SCEiP project
15,00: Debate session
16.10: Closing keynote on research engagement
16.30: Close

Speakers include:

  • Professor Martin Knapp, NIHR School for Social Care Research; Personal Social Services Research Unit LSE
  • Louise Johnstone and Cheryl Page, Cumbria County Council
  • Dr Adrian Adams (University of Kent)
  • Becki Meakin, Shaping Our Lives
  • Dr Chris Rainey, West Sussex County Council
  • Dr Nik Morris, Nik Morris Associates Ltd
  • Dr George Julian, Personal Social Services Research Unit LSE
  • Nat Al-Tahhan, NatAlt
  • Madeleine Stevens and Tamsin Arai, Personal Social Services Research Unit LSE
  • Dr Andre Tomlin, National Elf Service
  • Dr Sarah Carr, The Social Care Elf
  • Sophie Castle-Clarke and Susan Guthrie, RAND Europe
  • Stefanie Ettelt, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Anji Mehta, NIHR School for Social Care Research; Personal Social Services Research Unit LSE
  • Dr Elizabeth White, The College of Occupational Therapists
  • Professor Jill Manthorpe, Social Care Workforce Research Unit, KCL
  • Andrea Sutcliffe, Care Quality Commission
  • Annie Hudson, The College of Social Work
  • and many more!

This event is free to attend. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment:

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