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A challenge academics face has been to ensure research evidence is used by practitioners and embedded in practice. Social care practitioners face challenges of accessing research evidence that is of relevance to their work, and accessing academic expertise to support their own learning. There is clearly a gap in understanding how best to exchange knowledge between these stakeholders and actively exchange evidence, and this project will address some of these issues.

Two immediate areas of social care practice of concern to practitioners are:

  • the implementation of the Care and Support White Paper (released July 2012); and
  • long-term care.

There is a growing body of evidence relevant to both of these concerns.


This project aims to: work with researchers and practitioners (in the first instance) to:

  • identify key local practice issues focusing on the Social Care White Paper and long-term conditions that are pressing or a priority, and the evidence that is available to address those priority issues;
  • further enhance dialogue between these stakeholders to support joint knowledge development and exchange;
  • develop a small number of evidence-informed sample tools and supports;
  • explore traditional and innovative knowledge exchange methods between academics and practitioners and understand best practice;
  • explore the scope for demonstrating the economic value of social care research to increase the demand for, and utilisation of, research evidence by practitioners; and
  • provide a means of demonstrating the impact from social sciences research that can be used to make the case for such research.