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Three streams of activities will take place:

Evidence into practice

The project will exchange evidence and practice in two key areas (the Care and Support White Paper and Long-term Care) and implications on practice, drawing on both research evidence to support practice developments and to address practice issues and practice to support researchers to align their research more closely to practice developments.

The project will begin with a brief review of the existing academic and practitioner evidence on the two key identified areas to map what is known and not known, and a call for engagement will be issued to draw together practice issues.

Unconference workshops will be organized bringing together those who have expressed interest in the project to explore issues in practice and the evidence base. Following the first workshop, two subgroups, or virtual networks, of key stakeholders will be drawn together to explore the issues raised further using relevant identified knowledge exchange methods; one focusing on the Social Care White Paper and the other long-term conditions. These subgroups will explore issues over a period of 7 months, trialling a range of different knowledge exchange methods to apply current evidence to practice issues and support the development of practice-informed current/future research, and embed research evidence into practice.

Exploring best practice methods for exchanging knowledge

Throughout the project, the project team will be exploring best practice/methods for engagement between practitioners and academics/researchers, and knowledge exchange between these stakeholders. The exact methods to be trialled as part of this project will be determined with key stakeholders and will be relevant to the topic foci of the overall project to ensure these methods can be evaluated in terms of the results from the project.

Making the case for research

A bibliometric analysis of social care research generated by SSCR and its component groups (such as PSSRU at LSE) will be undertaken to look at uptake and citations of research outputs within academia and practice.

Scoping of the possibility of demonstrating the economic return from social care research will be undertaken. This work is largely a scoping piece which would involve developing a conceptual model to determine whether it would be possible to show the wider value in social care research.