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This project is a collaboration between the LSE team from the NIHR School for Social Care Research, research in practice for adults and RAND Europe:

SSCR has a growing network of researchers who are engaged with key social care practice issues, and draws on the expertise of SSCR’s Executive Group who have been involved in large evaluations within social care policy and practice. At LSE alone, SSCR draws on the expertise of c.35 social care researchers, and a large evidence base. SSCR will provide in-kind contributions to this project through, for example, the applicants’ time as well as researcher time.
Key colleagues: Professor Martin Knapp (Director), Dr Michael Clark (Research Programme Manager), Anji Mehta (Finances and Communications Manager) 

research in practice for adults exists to promote and support evidence-informed practice in adult social care and health. Ripfa has over six years experience of providing support for evidence-informed practice to its customers, who are predominantly staff working in its Partner agencies (local authorities) across England. research in practice for adults will bring its existing links and connections within local authorities, the support of a number of Directors of Adult Social Care and previous expertise in making evidence useful for those working in social care.
Key colleague: Dr George Julian (Director)

RAND Europe is an independent not-for-profit research institute whose mission is to help improve policy and decision-making through research analysis. RAND Europe have been involved in work on impact for HEFCE which has fed into REF processes and structures. They have considerable experience in demonstrating the impact of research, as well as supporting academics and funders to measure the impact of research.
Key colleagues: Dr Jonathan Grant (Director),  Dr Molly Morgan-Jones (Senior Analyst)