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Photoblog: Takka’s technicolour Rickshaws

Popular with everyone in the city, from businessmen to tourists, the rickshaw provides a form of transport that can often prove more efficient than cars or buses.  Yet few question how they come to be so heavily decorated and the processes behind it. On a recent trip to Dhaka, Adib Chowdhury visited a rickshaw workshop to find out more.

The labyrinthine streets of Old Dhaka echo with […]

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Photo-notes from Varanasi: Reflections on youth engagement in the 2014 elections

Tommaso Amico di Meane looks back on his experiences in Varanasi and reflects on the involvement of young people in the Lok Sabha elections. Walking along the Ganges River for the first time was like visiting an outdoor cathedral hundreds of meters long. The people lining the banks interacted with the sacred waterway in their own manner: some meditated on the banks, […]

Photoblog: Damming the Narmada – submerging land, livelihoods and cultures in western India

On a recent trip to Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, Matt Birkinshaw learnt about the effects that large dam projects on the Narmada River are having on the local community and environment. I recently visited the Narmada Valley in western India with the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), one of India’s longest running social movements. In 1985, groups campaigning against negative social […]

Photoblog: Water as a mode of transport in Navi Mumbai

Sameera Rao explores Navi Mumbai’s forgotten waterfront. This post originally appeared at Urban Vignettes, a collaborative visual-blog launched by LSE postgraduate students with the support of Urban@LSE’s Student-led Initiative Fund. The blog offers a platform for people worldwide to share and reflect upon their experiences and engagements with their cities. In the Indian context, water is deeply meaningful. There are rituals such as the […]

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Photoblog: The African Diaspora in the Indian Ocean World

In recent times, the growing economic relationship between India and African countries has been the subject of academic research and newspaper articles. Yet, as this collection of images courtesy of the New York Public Library shows, the relationship between these entities has existed for centuries. This post is part of a two-week-long series on India-Africa relations. Zanjis Fighting: This miniature painting in […]

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Photoblog: Old Delhi through new eyes

Tour Old Delhi with Ananya Dasgupta through the following photo essay. There have been innumerable attempts over the centuries to document the older parts of India’s capital. My visual journey into Old Delhi’s lanes and quaint corners was an attempt to renew my own approach to the city’s environment. In this space, the ruins of Mughal architecture serve as a […]

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