There were a few things I failed to take into consideration when I first agreed to apply for the 2013 London Marathon:

1. I’d get in.

2. My Mother wouldn’t get in.

My Mum is a marathon veteran having run 9 in total. Now at 55 however she is past her PB and but still looking to reach into double figures. I, however am 20 and have never run one before. Considering my Mum hasn’t got in for around 5 years now, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t either. This you see would enable me to drop into conversation “Oh yeah, I was so gutted when I didn’t get into the London Marathon, I’ll have to apply again next year,” sounds great doesn’t it? My back-up for getting in was “Yeah, it’s great, I’m running it with my Mum, she’s 55 but I thought it would be really nice if we ran the whole thing together. I’m doing it for the experience, not the time.” Obviously, the latter sentence could still be said. Yes, it could still be said in a parallel universe where I am not uncontrollably driven. What does driven even mean? After receiving a letter offering me a place in the post, I think over the next 13 weeks, I am about to find out and as she wasn’t accepted for another year running, I won’t have Mummy to hold my hand on the long journey.



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