Who knew that applying for jobs takes up as much time as a real job? Only, you don’t get paid for doing it.

Third year job hunting is well and truly on us and it’s petrifying. You start out the year with a degree of snobbery and complacency, selecting grad schemes that only offer over 25k and have cool looking offices. Slowly, as the rejections appear in your inbox, the Google searches start spanning uncharted territories. ‘Could I still pay my rent if I did another internship?’ ‘I know I said that I’d find myself at university, and I’m really close, I just need to do another gap year first…’

You thought that once you’d got into your university of choice, especially one at the top of the league tables like LSE, that every employer would be waiting for you with open arms, pleading you to join their company. Despite having a couple of decent internships and some soul-searching volunteering experiences, you still can’t make the cut, or so you think.

I think the scariest thing about searching for jobs at the moment is the waiting. The not knowing. At times like this I remind myself that I should embrace the unknown. If I knew where I’d be in 5 years time now, why would I bother trying? Where would the excitement and suspense be?

So long as I can keep food on the table, I’ll be happy.



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