Whenever I look back on the photos I took during the trip to Brighton, I always feel incredibly grateful that the weather was brilliant. By brilliant, I mean that the sky was clear and the sun shone bright, which is not a common occurrence in the UK. It would be an understatement to say that the view at the beach was breath-taking.

Brighton beach

The waves beat against the rocky shore (it was not a sandy beach), and the water seemed to blend seamlessly with the blue sky. Seagulls surveyed tourists from above, swerving down to snatch bits of food whenever they saw the chance.

Pebbly beach in Brighton

Brighton Pier
In Hong Kong, it was easy to get a view of the sea. However, spending three months in London staring at law books every night (or every other night…) has made me long for the sea more than ever. The incredible view more than made up for having to wake up at 7am.

Brighton Harbour

While waiting for the sun to set (and to take even more pictures…) we went to Brighton Pier. We spent a fortune on arcade games and a couple of rides (with flimsy seatbelts…), leaving with our wallets considerably lighter than when we first came. By now, the air had grown even colder and hues of red and orange began to appear in the sky. People began setting up tripods near the shoreline to capture the sunset.

Brighton Harbour sunset

When the sky became completely dark (which was only around 4pm), we made our way back to the train station, where an exciting episode of we-were-hungry-so-we-bought-food-but-we-nearly-missed-the-train-so-we-had-to-run took place, which rendered us out of breath and extremely tired. We managed to take a nap during the train ride before proceeding to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park (all signs of fatigue gone at this point due to our excitement for yet another round of food and rides). I may write about my experience at Winter Wonderland at some point in the near future, so watch out for that!

Brighton beach skyline