Here in London they seem to really like pasta salad. They have it in every single buffet restaurant out there, it comes in different shapes but usually, it includes pesto sauce and tomatoes – a very colorful dish.

The thing about pasta salad though is that it is indeed salad. But it is also pasta.

I don’t think that anyone actually thinks that pasta salad is actually salad (right? I mean, come on!), but it is still strategically placed right between the cucumbers and lettuce in the salad bar.

So I am here today representing the motivational speakers of the world to tell you: beware of the pasta salads in your life.

Let’s say that you have to eat salad because you are into the whole fitness lifestyle. So you walk to the salad bar and you pick some incredible veggies, tomato, chickpeas, sweet pepper… and then you come across… THE PASTA SALAD. It comes with pine nuts, maybe some pesto, little mozzarellas, and tomatoes… So you take some. It is still healthy (ish), and it’s right there with the definition of salad.

Let me give some examples for you of how this very interesting heuristic concept applies to the phenomenology of our everyday lives:

Instead of reading the lengthy boring article I have to read by next Wednesday, I just spent long hours working on a globalization essay that I only have to deliver in one and a half month and about which I am very excited. I am still studying (essay writing is arguably the most important thing about the whole postgraduate thing), but it is not really doing what I should be doing right now, is it? PASTA SALAD

I am taking four courses this semester, all of them have essays due in January, except for one: statistics – which is only evaluated in June. It is a Friday afternoon, I am exhausted, so I decide to promptly spend my whole afternoon studying statistics because it requires more exercise solving and less reading, which is potentially less tiring, even though I have to work on my other courses. It is studying, but it is also PASTA SALAD

I made an agreement that I would write as many blog posts as I can. That is really ok, I like to write. But instead of working on my personal finances or studying, I put a long long long time into a blog post about PASTA SALAD.

If this gives you any refreshment, the interesting fact about pasta salad is that we know it is there, we are not eating pasta salad thinking that it is truly healthy. So you have a simple solution: Know what the pasta salads in your buffet are and don’t let them get in the way of your incredible plate of cucumbers. Or do.

Always beware of the pasta salads in your life.