Let me start out and say that LONDON DOES NOT WASTE A DAY TO CELEBRATE THE CHRISTMAS SEASON! It was only the second week of November when I saw that Oxford Street and Seven Dials already had lights up. Even some of my favorite bars in Covent Garden had Christmas decorations on the dance floor! Seeing lights other than the LSE Library’s is a breath of fresh air and serves as a well deserved break. The best part of the London Christmas Lights is that it’s all FREE and perfect for a student budget! The only thing you need to do is walk (or take a tube if you can’t stand the cold or long walks). Below were the best spots to see Christmas Lights in London.

  1. Covent Garden Market

Just a 5 minute walk from LSE, the Covent Garden Market is decorated from head to toe with lights and large ornaments. I went with some friends in my program to the tree lighting and they even had Kylie Minogue perform! Live performances, glistening lights, Covent Garden Market is great for every occasion!

  1. Seven Dials

I still can’t believe how close LSE is to one of London’s most beautiful streets during Christmas. Seven Dials, bearing its name for seven streets that converge at the center, is decorated with the most ornate lights. Many of my favorite pubs and dessert places are located in Seven Dials.

  1. Carnaby Street

Going from a friend’s recommendation, I had high expectations for the lights and decorations on Carnaby street and it did not disappoint. The street is a colorful carnival. Carnaby street always has extravagant decorations, but pair this with some Christmas lights, this street is a sight to see. Palm trees, birds of paradise, blinking neon lights, and a bunch of restaurants and stores. What more can you ask for? Carnaby street is one of my favorite streets in London and it’s Christmas theatrics made me love it even more!

  1. Oxford Street and Regent Street

Oxford Street is known for their famous Christmas lighting. These lights scream Christmas joy wherever you go. Over 1,000 LED lights span both Oxford and Regent Street. I spend a whole night browsing the popular stores such as Topshop or Uniqlo and gazing at the lights.

  1. Bond Street

Bond Street is covered with Feathers during Christmas time. It strikes a balance of class and beauty with the shimmering white peacock feathers and decorated store fronts!

  1. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

This deserves a whole blog post to describe it! In the first five minutes, I asked myself, WHO PAYS FOR THIS ELECTRICITY BILL? Winter Wonderland has a German/Bavarian Christmas Market theme and every spot is filled with lights and decorations. There are stalls to buy mulled wine or cider on every corner. Some may say this is over the top, but Winter Wonderland is the perfect winter, Christmas, and holiday activity for everyone to enjoy!

  1. Home Sweet Home LSE

I’ve only been a student at LSE for one term, but I am always amazed at this beautiful campus. The Christmas lights at LSE may not be as extravagant as the rest of London, but all my new friends, teachers, and the class environment have made LSE feel like my home away from home this holiday season.

With some mulled wine or cider and some of my LSE friends, this was the perfect winter activity!

Eric Joseph


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