Tired of running around campus searching for some peace and quiet? Is the stress getting to your head? Need a short break from lecture recordings and endless readings? I sure do. Here are five nearby places I like to venture to.


Temple Gardens

A friend of mine actually showed me this place and I was blown away. When you go, I would first recommend stopping by Press (a coffee shop of Fleet Street) and grabbing a cup of tea or coffee. As soon as you step out of Press, turn right and then take another right, through the black gate door and into the small passage. Then my suggestion would be to get lost. And no, I do not mean to be rude. I mean the best way to explore Temple Gardens is to turn into the small passage and just wander about until you hit the Thames River.


Bloomsbury Square Gardens & Russell Square

Bloomsbury Square Garden and Russell Square are two beautiful parks with lots of dogs and comfortable benches for dog watching if you are into that kind of thing. Russell Square is a bit bigger and has a nice fountain and a cafe. I recommend getting a couple scoops of gelato and finding a spot to sit near the fountain.


Rooftop across from St. Paul’s

Fancy watching the sunset from a birds-eye-view for free? Make your way to the One New Change Building and take the elevator to the very top and there you have it! You practically have central London laid out in front of you. It is also a great place to take a few Insta-worthy pictures.


Seven Dials & Neal’s Yard

In my opinion, this is the most underrated areas in London. I have found myself wandering around this area many times and I always to find something new. I suggest you take a seat and take in the surroundings. Look at the unique and colourful architecture. Again, take a few pictures for your Instagram. If you are a bit hungry, I would recommend stopping by Homeslice for some seriously delicious pizza. And if you are a fan of fine coffee, then Monmouth Coffee is highly recommended among the locals. There are also a number of vintage secondhand bookshops if you need something other than your assigned core readings.


Rooftop at the Royal Opera House

You don’t have to be a fan of the opera to enjoy a good view from the open terrace at the Royal Opera House. Take the escalator to the very top floor and make your way to the open roof terrace. There you will see a great view of Covent Garden and if you look a bit further, you can see the London Eye peeking out. So take a seat and enjoy the view. Personally, I really like working there sometimes or just reading a book when I am there.

As important as exams are, don’t forget to take a moment to relax. London is a wonderful city, which is full of unique spots. These are just some of my local favourites and I hope you like them too!