I hopped on a plane to Greece not long after my Summer exams ended and Greek food might just be my favourite European cuisine. This is my list of favourite Greek dishes and the best places to get them when in the capital.

1) O Kostas – Best Souvlaki 

Top of the list: O Kostas. If I recall correctly, this glorious Souvlaki cost less than 3 pounds and it was filling enough! With only 2 meat options, pork or beef, to choose from, there was no paradox of choice. I assure you, both were delicious, although my friends and I agreed that the pork was slightly better. The hole-in-the-wall shop can be a little hard to find at first, but you should be able to spot it just from the long line of customers patiently waiting outside for their Souvlakis. The pita was freshly toasted, dusted with the perfect amount of salt to taste.


2) Karamanlidika – Comforting Greek fare yet mind-blowingly good!

The shop had a classic old world charm. The Kavourmas beef dish (as seen above) was delicious, but the MVP was really Sudjuk Karamanlidika.

The dish’s main ingredients were simply tomatoes, eggs and sausages, but it tasted nothing like your typical American or British breakfast. What magical power the chefs had, we would never know, try for yourself to see what I mean!

Karamanlidika served a mean Greek salad! So fresh! The meal was satisfyingly concluded with a complimentary plate of Greek yoghurt. I doubt you could return to those Greek yoghurt cups from Sainsbury’s or Co-op after this (As Billie Ellish would put it, “Duh.”).


3) Lithos – Cheery Greek Tavern in the heart of Athens

Don’t get me wrong, Rosebery Hall has friendly canteen staff and I’m sure they put in a lot of effort into preparing our food but hey! Lithos’ grilled salmon fillet was possibly the most tender and flavourful I ever had. Every single detail, down to each kernel of corn and each string of bean, was nearly perfectly buttery.

Their Seafood Youvetsi was bathed in a thick, almost gooey paste, in a good way. The sweet freshness of the huge prawns and mussels seeped into the essence of the sauce.

This list is absolutely not exhaustive and it is a foodie’s diminutive tribute to Athens. We could only muster up “So good!” in between spoonful of Greek goodness because good food waited for no man. Perhaps I will be back with another post for some good food in Santorini soon.



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