Shoreditch has been considered by some to be the life of the city. Known as the historic entertainment quarter since the 16th century, not much as changed in that regard. In and around the area, one can always find something unique, interesting and fun to do here at literally all hours of the day. So, grab your camera to capture the street art and get ready to walk around and discover Shoreditch with this definitive guide of unique places to visit. 

Inside the Ballie Ballerson ball pit

  1. Ballie Ballerson – I’m gonna let the picture do the talking for this one! It is an immersive ball pit experience with some free drinks, an on-site bar and amazing music. It’s an experience that definitely brings out the child in you. Take some friends, and make some more in the ball pit as you attack each other under the neon lights. 


Food stalls inside Old Spitalfields Market

  1. Old Spitalfields Market – While Borough Market is great for street food and fresh produce, Old Spitalfields Market is even better! With outlets ranging from famous chains such as Yifang and The Real Greek to independent restaurants such as Savure, you can expect to find all kinds of cuisines and drinks, under this semi-open roof. The market is a delight to visit in the afternoon and bear in mind, it is busiest during the weekends. There is ample seating and shopping to keep you comfortable and entertained. There’s something about this market that makes me prefer it over any other food market in London. 


  1. Sky Garden – A literal garden in the sky. It is one of the only few places you can get a skyline view of London for free. Located inside the ‘Walkie Talkie’ Tower, it gives you beautiful views of London as you walk through a garden. There is a booking/ticketing system and a ‘walk-in’ option if you’re unable to book, but it is recommended to book so you’re guaranteed access. There is a bar, Sky Pod, and comfortable seating available for you, so you can have a drink and enjoy the view. Additionally, there is also a restaurant within the garden called the Darwin Brasserie (although booking is required). My favourite part about the view is that the surrounding area has an abundance of tall buildings making it quite fun to look out.


Our breakfast spread at Duck and Waffle

  1. Duck and Waffle 

    The view of London from Duck and Waffle

    A friend took me here for breakfast and to be honest, I was left mesmerised. The amazing waffles, avocado toast and the stunning view of Tower Bridge as the sun began to rise. If you had to only see one view from the top, let it be this one. The restaurant has a great ambience, nice decor and offers a breathtaking view of The Gherkin and the Tower Bridge. (P.S. It’s open 24 hours!)


  1. St. Duncan in the East – Admittedly I have seen prettier, older gardens in the UK, but within London, St. Duncan is a delight to walk through. With framed arches, fresh flowers, and cobbled walkways – it is an oasis in the middle of  the city’s chaos. 


Street art by Kerstin Herrmann from Pixabay

  1. Brick Lane – While I started frequenting this area due to the presence of Indian grocery stores, I often see people visiting Brick Lane for its food, boutique stores, and ample desert places. The streets are colourful, dotted with stalls, vintage stores and street art. 


  1. Box Park – The first one in the series of Box Parks that are now dotted around London, Boxpark Shoreditch is an independent food and retail mall made out of shipping containers featuring different food and dessert vendors and boutique stores. While admittedly I haven’t shopped much in the boutique stores, I love to visit Boxpark for its food and ambience. There is always good music, good lighting, wonderful food and a bar. The crowd is young, the mood is happy and the ambience is warm. 


  1. Bars and Pubs – Shoreditch has a high number and good collection of bars and pubs. It is impossible to not see a bar within five minutes of you – almost every corner and every street has a pub. Some of them are truly unique with many including gaming parlours, such as the Fight Club, Home of Beer Pong, and Bounce. 


Aarushi Jain


An MSc. in City Design and Social Science student. Follow me for updates on London, travelling in the UK, and student life at LSE.