Whilst some of us have been enjoying the recent heatwave, by working on our tans; there has been a lot of talk about what the heatwave means for climate change. It seems likely that these heatwaves could occur more frequently and if anything it is an indication of the adverse conditions global warming could bring to our home, Earth.

Last November the Guardian reported that a third of Britons had stopped or reduced their intake of meat. Veganism has been dubbed as ethical, not just for the animals, but sustainable for the planet due to it significantly reducing the emission of Green House Gases. Whilst some of us have gone cold turkey on meat, others have not given up their Saturday ritual of wolfing down a Chicken Tikka Masala. Despite the diverse diets we subscribe to, there seems to be a common consensus of caring for the environment and reduced consumption of meat products.

London caters for ALL diet preferences and needs. Today, you could casually walk into KFC and get yourself a faux chicken burger, no biggie. With all this talk about Veganism being better for the environment, it seems fitting to share with you some delicious Vegan eats available in central London.

  1. Young Vegans (Camden Market)

Pies are quintessentially British. It’s one of the first British meals I had when I arrived in London 6 odd years ago. For my vegan and vegetarian mates, I think you can all relate to chomping down some chips whilst the smell of your mate’s freshly baked pie taunts you. Well, worry no more cause Young Vegans at Camden cook up some delicious Vegan Steak and Ale pies. Everything in the store is Vegan. If you fancy another type of pie, there are tons to choose from!


  1. Pret a Manger’s Dark Chocolate and Almond Butter cookie (Multiple locations)

Yes, it’s back and I heard it’s here for good! I get one of these delicious morsels of heaven every other day. It’s gooey and chocolatey and oh so yummy. It’ll only cost you £1.45, and if you bring your reusable coffee cup in, you get a 50p discount with whatever drink you’re having; easily one of the BEST cookies I’ve ever had!




  1. LEON’s Jack Wings (Multiple locations)

If you like Mozzarella sticks, you might find these a substantial vegan alternative. They don’t have the same stretch but they deliver on the flavour. Get them with LEON’s vegan aioli and you’re good to go. LEON also does a 15% student discount, so be sure to present your card when you grab a box of Jack Wings!

Of course, London has a load of other amazing Vegan eats, and this barely scrapes the tip of the iceberg. If I had to recommend some other London Vegan icons, I would recommend checking out Yorica! at Soho for some vegan ice cream, Temple of Seitan at Camden/Hackney for delicious vegan mac and cheese and burgers and of course Merkamo at Spitalfields for some healthy vegan nosh. Sustainable bliss, that’s what 2019 is all about!




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