My love for curating fun day trips is endless (Cambridge and Cadbury World) and this time, I’m taking you on a floral adventure to the outskirts of London.

In London, gardens and parks are a-plenty! But, where do you go when you want to frolic around in acres and acres of floral beauty? Fields! In Banstead, nestled among trees and quaint houses, is the Mayfield Lavender Farm. A popular Instagram spot, the Farm hosts quite a few fun activities for visitors and is the perfect day trip for those looking for options inside London.

Getting there

Mayfield is located in Zone 6 and can be reached via trains and buses from Central London. It takes about an hour (plus or minus ten minutes) from Victoria/London Bridge. Note that there is no underground service and the train services that are available are the Southern Services or the Thameslink Service. Additionally, there is no direct train and one has to take the bus (Bus no. 166) to arrive right at the entrance of the Farm. To enter, there is a standard fee of 2.50 GBP.

About the Farm

Mayfield is an organic, family-run lavender farm. It was initially started to support the Yardley brand (more info can be found on their website).

There are many “experiences” offered on-site – one of which is the Bee Safari experience; another is the Happy Days Afternoon Tea Experience. Check out their website for more information on packages.

My experience

I’ve visited quite a few times because I was staying in ZONE 5 for a while and the fields were just a bus ride away. It is such a serene place that one can’t help but return! Once you enter, you’ll see a sea of lavender stretching out for miles. There are several BEAUTIFUL spots for photo-ops. As a result, it is a popular spot for couples to take their wedding photographs!

Lavender lemonade, cupcake and tea.

Once you run through the fields to your heart’s content, you can stop by the nursery. Here, you’ll find everything from lavender soap, lotion, mist, bath products to actual lavender seeds or plants that you can take home.


There is also a café where you can eat all things lavender: from lavender scones, lemonade, macaroon to even serving lavender cocktails, the café has them all. The seating area for the café overlooks the field and is, therefore, the perfect spot to sit and relax after your trip.



Some helpful tips

The best time to visit is Mid July-early August as this is when the flowers are in full bloom. For best pictures, wear something that would highlight the flowers- light shades such as white or darker tones such as red or black and don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes! There are a LOT of bees on the farm, so if you’re afraid, make sure to cover up accordingly.


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