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LSE Alum: BSc Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method (2011)

Guest Blog: Reprezent, the Voice of Young London

Youngeun Koo, a Research Coordinator at Reprezent, recently took Qualitative Research Methods course at the LSE Summer School. She writes about her experience and the work of Reprezent.

Young people

What comes into your mind first when you see the words ‘young people’? Is it something positive? Or negative?

According to the survey by Children and Young People Now (2009), 76% […]

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Memories of LSE: LSE Alumni 50 Years Later

At the recent 50 Plus reunion for graduating classes of 1959 and earlier, over 100 alumni returned to campus to celebrate their time at the School and reminisce. Three former LSE students took time out during the day to share their memories.

Cyril Breslauer (BSc Econ 1952)

What did you learn at LSE?
I wasted my first year, spending the best part […]

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Guest Blog: A Year in the General Course

Guest Blogger: Tarah Srethwatanakul 
As this year’s General Course (GC) programme is coming to an end, I struggled to express my thoughts on the course because there is no typical GC experience. It is truly a customisable year: you design your own curriculum, choose from a flurry of clubs and societies to join (or not), decide which GC activities to participate in, determine […]

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LSE Literary Festival 2013

With the next LSE Literary Festival just around the corner I thought it would be a good idea to highlight the many ways you can satisfy your literary cravings while at LSE and in London.
The LSE Literary Festival is a wonderful opportunity to get to see some of the most illustrious names in literature right there in your usual weekly lecture theatre. […]

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LSE Winter Wonderland

When I heard that the LSE Students’ Union was having its very own Winter Wonderland on Houghton Street last week, I couldn’t keep myself away!
There were stalls with hot chocolate and Pulse radio was playing Christmas tunes, but the highlight of the day was most definitely the reindeer!

Anders and Oslo, both born in Sweden, spent the day getting to […]

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The Secret Life of Literature at LSE

The first literature course I tentatively took was English Literature and Society, which amusingly enough (in my opinion) actually contained a lot of works by Irish writers. One of the authors studied on the course is George Bernard Shaw. I have always loved Shaw, but studying his works, not just as a wonderful writer, but also as the founder […]

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Guest Blog: The LSE Beaver

For those of you who are wondering why there is a beaver etched onto the banner of this blogsite, let me enlighten you on the history of the LSE Beaver. 

The beaver was adopted as the official mascot of the school in 1922, the same year the motto was chosen: rerum cognoscere causas – a line taken from Virgil’s Georgics meaning […]

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