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How to Save Money on London Transport

Most of us get around London using the efficient Transport for London (TfL) network. But, as most of you may be aware of, the TfL has a lot to offer for students living in London in order to make travel in London more affordable.

I am going to mention the top tips that could help you save a handsome amount […]

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    Afternoon Tea Experiences in London – what’s all the fuss about?

Afternoon Tea Experiences in London – what’s all the fuss about?

I have never been much of a tea person, or a hot drink personal in general. Of course, this is surprising to anyone in England as the British are known for their afternoon tea. I never ventured into trying one until a friend surprised me with one for my birthday.

To give you an insight into how a classic afternoon tea […]

Lavender fields in full bloom

Did you know just outside of London, in Surrey, you can find a beautiful lavender field? From June until September, the Mayfield Lavender Farms open their gates to the public when the lavenders are in full bloom.

Over the past few years, the Farms have become a popular visitor attraction, especially because of the picturesque natural beauty. It makes for the […]

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy gelato!

Follow my guide to some of the best gelaterias in town! 


1. Amorino, Garrick St, WC2E

An artisanal gelato maker, Amorino has a number of branches in London with the closest being a 10-minute walk from LSE at Covent Garden. With a unique concept of the pretty Amorino rose, they put together as many flavours as you want in a cone […]

My definitive guide to London’s drool-worthy desserts!

London is home to some of the best dessert shops in the world. Follow this guide to my favourite sweet shops that are equal parts delicious and Instagram-able!

1. Dominique Ansel Bakery, Belgravia, SW1W

If you’re a lover of pastries, baked goods and desserts, a visit to Dominique Ansel’s only bakery in Europe is a must. Awarded as the world’s best pastry […]

8 reasons to visit Shoreditch NOW 

Shoreditch has been considered by some to be the life of the city. Known as the historic entertainment quarter since the 16th century, not much as changed in that regard. In and around the area, one can always find something unique, interesting and fun to do here at literally all hours of the day. So, grab your camera to […]

Experience different regional Indian cuisine in London

Indian food has had huge prominence in the UK for about 200 years now. From celebrating Samosa Week to allocating chicken tikka masala as the national food, England has been clear about its unabashed love for Indian food. Being a student in London, you can visit famous Indian restaurants, and experience the different cuisines from different parts of India. 


A […]

Best places for a sunny study break

Despite the recurring rains and black clouds, sunny days are almost upon us. After long, dark months, we can finally move out of our artificially lit study areas and step out into London’s amazing parks and gardens and fall asleep underneath the blue skies after long reading sessions under the bright sun. I love to look for new reading […]

The perfect four day getaway in Amsterdam

After a hectic Lent Term, I was looking forward to unwinding but the brutal London temperatures gave me the summer blues! Looking for a quick escape to sunnier skies, I searched through Skyscanner for cheap tickets, which led me straight to Amsterdam, and boy am I glad it did! Very quickly the 4 day trip to Amsterdam turned into […]

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    10 things about LSE’s MSc. In City Design and Social Science

10 things about LSE’s MSc. In City Design and Social Science

If you are currently an offer holder or are thinking of applying to LSE’s MSc City Design and Social Science, or maybe you are just curious, this post will provide some fun and important facts about this unique program in LSE. 

1. Predominantly group work

The program has a major module that runs during two terms thus there is a lot […]

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