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Can be found in the library or baking in the kitchen. 50/50 change of finding me in either.

Give London Music a Try

One of the best parts of LSE is that we’re located in the heart of London. Throughout my time at LSE, I’ve taken advantage of this and have gotten into the music scene in the city. Not only has it been incredibly cool to see shows ranging from The 1975 to The Dead South, but to my surprise, I’ve […]

Why We Should all Start Chasing the Sun

Right before Christmas break, a few friends and I decided we needed a break from the cloudy and dreary London weather. Although the weather here can feed my creativity and learning, I was also severely lacking vitamin D. We found a cheap last-minute flight to Milan and planned a weekend trip. And while I also admit that my friends […]

January 17th, 2019|Travel|0 Comments|

The Meaning of International: First Seminar to the Last

During my Financing Health Care seminar, we were told to prepare a short presentation on how the health care system of our home country was organized and funded. I had two thoughts when I saw this assignment. One, it was going to be very easy because I just finished my first master’s degree in Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University. Part […]

December 13th, 2018|Featured, LSE|0 Comments|

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