Top things that LSE’s MiM Class would NOT change

We’re almost there! Two-thirds of our course is done and we just have a short leg of the race left to run. That being the case, I figured now would be the perfect time to interview a few of my classmates, from MiM Class of 2019, to get an idea about what they like about the course and what […]

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My Photo Walk of London

While I usually spend most of my free time or ‘gaps’ in the library catching up on readings and assessments, I also try to spend some time off-campus. I too often find myself being drawn to the library, not necessarily because of the workload but because I don’t really think to spend my free time doing anything else. A […]

3 reasons why you will love the LSE Law Department

As Lent Term comes to a close, and exam season is just around the corner, it’s no secret that most of us are starting to feel the insurmountable pressure looming ahead of us. Yet looking back on the past seven months, my time with the Department of Law has been a challenging, enriching and truly unforgettable experience, and I […]

LSE Halls: Why Northumberland House?

I live at one of LSE’s Halls of Residence – Northumberland House, to be specific – and it’s located just a minute’s walk from Trafalgar Square. In my opinion, it is one of THE BEST HALLS at LSE. But don’t let me influence your opinion. Read and decide for yourself.

This is as “central” as it gets.

Northumberland House is […]

How to Pick Your Student Accommodation

A good, happy and safe place, at a comfortable price, is essential to your student experience. As a new student moving to London, finding accommodation can be a very daunting task, and it is made even more complicated by all the new terms and concepts required to understand in order to judge your options. 

So if you’re beginning to look […]

7 Best Parks and Green Spaces in London for Sunny Days

As the final weeks of Lent term approaches, British spring has finally arrived! You start to feel the spirit of spring when you step out from your lecture halls at 5 or 6pm and there is still a tiny bit of sunshine greeting you instead of sheer darkness. And where better to spend it than in one of London’s […]

Get, Set, Travel

If you have explored the sights mentioned in my previous post, or are simply looking for more engaging ones, explore the 4 cities mentioned here. The rule of the game stays the same. Grab your camera, sports shoes, and a few friends and head out to explore what the UK can offer you to grab within a day. 


A two […]

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Fresh Off the Boat from Singapore

Where I come from, the weather is nothing like London. The tropical heat is intense all year-round and humidity clings onto you like a second skin. In a freak weather occurrence last year, the temperature dropped to 22 degrees Celsius and people swapped their usual shorts and slippers for a winter coat. Yes, I’m from Singapore, the country that […]

5 FREE spots to visit in Central London over Reading Week

Whilst some of our course mates have jeted away to Mallorca for the perfect beach getaway, some of us have not been as fortunate. I for one am glad to be spending my reading week in London. There is lots to see in lovely London, and the weather has been exceptional this year. For those of us not voyaging […]

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My Top 5 Day Trips from London

London is an excellent choice for travelers as it is located at an accessible distance to world famous cities and attractions in the UK. I get some time to see London on a off day during the week, and a few European cities during the term breaks. However, there are a lot of beautiful cities in the UK that […]

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