Final words of advice for incoming LSE students

In just a few weeks’ time, LSE will be opening its doors to thousands of new students. As I’m nearing the end, as both an LSE student and LSE blogger, I’d like to wrap up this journey with my last post being about important things to keep in mind as each of you start your own LSE journey.

Give equal […]

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Cheap Alternatives for Accommodation in London

With September just around the corner, all you incoming students might have started thinking about accommodation options. Although LSE offers many halls of residence (I stayed at Northumberland House – read about my experience), these get occupied quite fast. There are several other halls that are solely for students as well but due to high demand and a large […]

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LSE Masters in Management Berlin Trip 2019

The MiM (Masters’ in Management) program at LSE has a unique element- an international field trip! The trip is included as part of the MG4F4 Strategy in a Global Environment module and it’s a wonderful opportunity offered to the MiM students. This year, the trip took place during the second week of July and this article outlines the details […]

Debunking LSE Exam Myths

Are you an incoming student at LSE? Or are you getting ready for summer school at LSE? Whatever the case, I’m sure you have some concerns regarding the dreaded ‘LSE Exams’. I must say before I joined and even after I did, I heard so many stories about how LSE Exams are the worst that in my mind I […]

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Should I accept my LSE offer?

I remember this time last year, I was getting ready to join LSE. I suppose many of you may have already received your offers and some may be waiting. And for some, the decision to accept or decline the offer is easy whereas, for others, it’s not.

This article addresses that. I’ll be going through certain points that may help you […]

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How to handle the ‘LSE Exam Season’ Stress

Seeing as it was Mental Health Awareness week (from 13-19 May 2019), it ironically coincided with LSE Exam Season, I thought it would be useful to list out certain things that have worked for me and that you can try, to handle exam stress efficiently. Note: different people handle stress differently. I encourage you to use my post as […]

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    10 things about LSE’s MSc. In City Design and Social Science

10 things about LSE’s MSc. In City Design and Social Science

If you are currently an offer holder or are thinking of applying to LSE’s MSc City Design and Social Science, or maybe you are just curious, this post will provide some fun and important facts about this unique program in LSE. 

1. Predominantly group work

The program has a major module that runs during two terms thus there is a lot […]

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Top things that LSE’s MiM Class would NOT change

We’re almost there! Two-thirds of our course is done and we just have a short leg of the race left to run. That being the case, I figured now would be the perfect time to interview a few of my classmates, from MiM Class of 2019, to get an idea about what they like about the course and what […]

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3 reasons why you will love the LSE Law Department

As Lent Term comes to a close, and exam season is just around the corner, it’s no secret that most of us are starting to feel the insurmountable pressure looming ahead of us. Yet looking back on the past seven months, my time with the Department of Law has been a challenging, enriching and truly unforgettable experience, and I […]

How to Pick Your Student Accommodation

A good, happy and safe place, at a comfortable price, is essential to your student experience. As a new student moving to London, finding accommodation can be a very daunting task, and it is made even more complicated by all the new terms and concepts required to understand in order to judge your options. 

So if you’re beginning to look […]

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