5 must-do’s in Cambridge

Have you ever had those days where you’re tired of the city and want to explore a new place? I went through such a phase on the 4th of June. The place I chose to go? Cambridge!

I went online to check ticket prices. It was £28. However, if I were to control the urge to embark on an adventure […]

A Homage to Greek Food in Athens

I hopped on a plane to Greece not long after my Summer exams ended and Greek food might just be my favourite European cuisine. This is my list of favourite Greek dishes and the best places to get them when in the capital.

1) O Kostas – Best Souvlaki 

Top of the list: O Kostas. If I recall correctly, this glorious […]

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Insta-worthy: Covent Garden in Bloom Event.

Been to Covent Garden, lately? Well, get ready to plan a trip soon because you’re not going to want to miss their new event – Covent Garden in Bloom, celebrating spring. This includes elaborate floral displays being put up in front of stores, window displays as well as at many spots all around Covent Garden, like The Piazza and […]

The perfect four day getaway in Amsterdam

After a hectic Lent Term, I was looking forward to unwinding but the brutal London temperatures gave me the summer blues! Looking for a quick escape to sunnier skies, I searched through Skyscanner for cheap tickets, which led me straight to Amsterdam, and boy am I glad it did! Very quickly the 4 day trip to Amsterdam turned into […]

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Aurora Hunter – Chasing the Northern Lights in Iceland

“Then that’s what the Northern Lights are. All the lives that we’re not living.”        ― Adi Alsaid

Getting to bask in the mystic glow of the Aurora and admire the spectacular wonder in real life has always been one of the biggest dreams of mine, which is why when my friend Cathy invited me to go to […]

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Why you need to visit Birmingham this Spring

Most people know Birmingham to be the second largest city in the UK. And as you might have read from my last post, it is also home to the beloved Cadbury Chocolate and Peaky Blinders. Whilst all those things are true, Birmingham has so much more to offer, that you will only grow to love it after making a […]

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Get, Set, Travel

If you have explored the sights mentioned in my previous post, or are simply looking for more engaging ones, explore the 4 cities mentioned here. The rule of the game stays the same. Grab your camera, sports shoes, and a few friends and head out to explore what the UK can offer you to grab within a day. 


A two […]

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My Top Tip for Reading Week!

The Students@LSE Blog holds a special place in my heart because I went through all the articles on here during those nervous nights before I moved to London to pursue my MSc. I took most of the advice here so seriously. I came across this article on the blog ‘Reading Week: Exactly What Is Needed for The Road Ahead’ […]

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    A Sip of Scotland for Mental Well-being: why we all need a ‘do-nothing’ trip

A Sip of Scotland for Mental Well-being: why we all need a ‘do-nothing’ trip

I’m a city girl through and through. I love the noise, the hustle-bustle lifestyle, the traffic. It keeps me entertained and occupied. Plus, it is very convenient. Anything and everything is available within a one-mile radius. But sometimes, it does overwhelm you and when you feel yourself getting physically and mentally exhausted, you know it’s time to take a […]

My Top 5 Day Trips from London

London is an excellent choice for travelers as it is located at an accessible distance to world famous cities and attractions in the UK. I get some time to see London on a off day during the week, and a few European cities during the term breaks. However, there are a lot of beautiful cities in the UK that […]

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