Why We Should all Start Chasing the Sun

Right before Christmas break, a few friends and I decided we needed a break from the cloudy and dreary London weather. Although the weather here can feed my creativity and learning, I was also severely lacking vitamin D. We found a cheap last-minute flight to Milan and planned a weekend trip. And while I also admit that my friends […]

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Why You Should Volunteer Abroad

If you didn’t manage to secure a summer internship or if you simply didn’t fancy working away that long precious summer you only get as a student, then you might be wondering what on earth you’re going to do with those three months of freedom which come as a blissful reward following the stress of final exams. Naturally, if […]

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Oxford – a lot more to offer than Oxford University!

What do you guys usually do on your weekends? I went to Oxford for my last weekend in Michaelmas term.

Friends around me have been saying how convenient it is to travel within the UK by train, but that concept hasn’t sunk in until I went on the journey and realised it only took me a little more than an […]

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    Venturing to the Parts Unknown: The Importance of Travelling as a Student

Venturing to the Parts Unknown: The Importance of Travelling as a Student

Before living in London, I haven’t seen many parts of the world, let alone destinations in Europe like most millennials. Even moving to London was a big step for me. After watching many episodes of the late Anthony Bourdain’s travels and seeing beautiful pictures of destinations in other parts of Europe on Instagram, I was motivated to move to […]

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    Department of Finance grad trip to Brighton – Just go, trust me

Department of Finance grad trip to Brighton – Just go, trust me

What you need to know:
Cost: £110, food and seafront hotel included

Duration: Friday – Sunday (2 nights)

Timing: Early October

People: Department of Finance students and faculty

Activities: Treasure Hunt, Casino Night, Formal Dinners, nightlife, general shenanigans

Every year, the Department of Finance hosts the annual grad trip to Brighton. This is a great opportunity to relax and get some fresh air, because by the […]

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    Documenting my student life in video blogs: The LSE-Fudan Exchange Programme

Documenting my student life in video blogs: The LSE-Fudan Exchange Programme

A guest post written by Firzanah Firdaus, undergraduate student in the Department of Statistics

My terrible teenage crises (think boys, puberty and mean girls) were slightly more bearable thanks to YouTube. Every time I had what was then seen as a ‘first world problem’ I would type: ‘how to get over your first heartbreak’ on the search bar and 15 minutes […]

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Working in Summer?!

Congratulations to all who have made it through the tough examinations period! And for those who are in their last few days, you are almost there!

Following the exams, we all have plans to sleep (and sleep and sleep), soak up the sun and enjoy the long days. There have been some pretty sunny days in London the past week […]

The people you’ll meet at LSE

When everyone asked what I was most excited for about studying abroad, I always talked about how I couldn’t wait to travel the rest of Europe, see the sights, and make it to places I had only dreamt of. And it’s come true; I’ve only made it to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and Venice so far, but each of those trips […]

Of sunsets and seagulls (part two)

Whenever I look back on the photos I took during the trip to Brighton, I always feel incredibly grateful that the weather was brilliant. By brilliant, I mean that the sky was clear and the sun shone bright, which is not a common occurrence in the UK. It would be an understatement to say that the view at the […]

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Of sunsets and seagulls (part one)

After multiple postponements, my friends and I were finally able to go on a trip to Brighton last Sunday. Since we all live in the same hall, it was easy to meet up and set off to the tube station. We bought tickets (£7 return only!!) from St Pancras to Brighton, only to realise halfway through that the train […]

December 8th, 2016|Travel|0 Comments|

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