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Tuesday 6 October 2020  |  6–7.15pm

On Time

From the political to the nature of our experience, time affects all aspects of our lives. Join Ammar AzzouzElizabeth F. Cohen, and Matthew Soteriou to investigate our complicated relationship with time. | More »

Monday 12 October 2020  |  6–7.15pm

Iris Murdoch, Under the Net

The Philosophers’ Book Club is joined by Hannah Marije AltorfLucy Bolton, and Mara-Daria Cojocaru to discuss Iris Murdoch’s Under the Net. | More »

Tuesday 20 October 2020  |  6–7.15pm

Anti-vaxxers and Other Sceptics

Will a future COVID vaccine be undermined by anti-vaxxers? Why does medical scepticism persist, and how might it be tackled? Rohin FrancisKatherine Furman, and Heidi Larson discuss the causes of and cures for distrust in medical expertise. | More »

Monday 26 October 2020  |  6–7.15pm

The Musical Mind

Ian Cross, Diana Omigie, and Barry Smith explore the phenomenon and evolution of music. How deep does music go in human history? What role does music play in the evolution of the mind? And is the ability to hear music uniquely human? | More »





Tuesday 3 November 2020 | 6–7.15pm


What role does empathy play in our social, moral, and political life? What are its limits? Can we be ethical without it? Nadine El-Enany, David Harradine, and Danielle Sands discuss. | More »

Monday 9 November 2020  |  6–7pm

The Nature of Beauty

When presented with two equally good theories, scientists prefer the more beautiful. Artist Adrian Holme and philosopher Milena Ivanova discuss the nature of beauty and the relationship between art and science. | More »

Tuesday 17 November 2020  |  6–7.15pm

Mary Midgley & Why She Matters

Gregory McElwain, Ellie Robson, and Panayiota Vassilopoulou celebrate the thought of Mary Midgley, whose writing ranges across animal ethics, religion, and science, connecting philosophical thought to lived experience. | More »


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Tuesday 1 December 2020  |  6–7.15pm

Science Fiction & Philosophy

Zombies, time travel, brain transplants: science fiction and philosophy have lots in common. We explore this shared history, James Burton, Lewis Powell, and Lisa Walters put the ‘phi’ back into ‘sci-fi’. | More »

Wednesday 9 December 2020  |  6–7.15pm

Religious Art

Mehreen Chida-Razvi, Ben Quash, and Lieke Wijnia discuss how traditions of religious art differ and what role art plays in religion today. Might art enable interfaith dialogue? | More »



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