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Lisa Larson-Walker, 'Waiting Room'



6.00–7.15pm, Tuesday 6 October



‘Time is a big invisible thing that will kill you’, wrote philosopher Craig Callendar. It also affects all aspects of our lives, from the political to the very nature of our experience. As lockdown made clear, it can be agonizing to be in a state of limbo, to have routines disrupted, unable to plan for the future. Paradoxically, when it comes to things like climate change, we prioritize living the present. Some people’s time is valued more highly than others, and time is used to both punish and reward. Join Ammar Azzouz, Elizabeth F. Cohen, and Matthew Soteriou to investigate our complicated relationship with time.


Ammar Azzouz
Architect, Arup & Honorary Research Associate, University of Oxford
Elizabeth F. Cohen
Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University & Visiting Fellow, Princeton University Center for Human Values
Matthew Soteriou
Professor of Philosophy of Mind, KCL


Sarah Fine
Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, King’s College London




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Image credit: Lisa Larson-Walker, ‘Waiting Room



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With Ammar Azzouz, Elizabeth F. Cohen & Matthew Soteriou

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