Gary Banham / Mick Dillon

In association with The Adult Continuing Education in Multicultural Studies in Manchester
7pm-9pm | Wednesday 23 January 2002
Room E34, John Dalton Extension, The Manchester Metropolitan University

Gary Banham, Research Fellow, Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University
Mick Dillon, Professor, Politics Department, Lancaster University

Joanna Hodge, Professor of Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University

Ethical Discussions
Philosophy can often seem remote not only from everyday matters from contemporary concerns. It seems that the world changes but philosophy does not. The aim of the ethical discussion group is to explore some provocative, unconventional and open-ended aspects of life today.

Each of the four discussions will see two speakers discussing the themes, respectively, of evil, revenge, perversity and cosmopolitics. Standard fee of £1 per lecture. Free for students of Manchester Metropolitan University and for Members of the FEP.