Simon Glendinning / Anna Grimshaw / Stephen Mulhall / Gurinder Chadha / Paul Mayeda Berges / Nicholas Bunnin

A collaboration with Tate Modern, supported by FrameStore and The Computer Film Company

2-6.30pm | Saturday 16 February 2002

Starr Auditorium, The Tate Modern, Bankside, London

Simon Glendinning, University of Reading Joseph Losey’s Don Giovanni and Kierkegaard
Anna Grimshaw, University of Manchester Ethnographic Knowledge and Visual Anthropology
Stephen Mulhall, New College, Oxford The Alien Series

David Archard
, University of St Andrews
Gurinder Chadha, Director of Bhaji on the Beach & What’s Cooking?
Paul Mayeda Berges, co-writer of What’s Cooking?
Nicholas Bunnin, University of Oxford

Contemporary film theory has developed a powerful orthodoxy about the nature and value of film, but it also constrains our understanding of film. The diversity and complexity of contemporary philosophy, from Wittgenstein and Heidegger to Derrida to Cavell, can challenge film theory by exploring new pathways for creativity and interpretation. The Philosophy and Film conference offers speakers, films and discussion to examine how philosophical thought can extend our existing reflective responses to film.

Our speakers, including philosophers and film-makers, aim to address an aesthetically and intellectually responsive public that loves film. Audience members are invited to join the discussion. Films illustrating the presentations will be show in the week of the conference.