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Please note the unusual start time of this event

Lisa Baraitser, Reader in Psychosocial Studies (Birkbeck, University of London)
Elselijn Kingma, Lecturer in Philosophy (University of Southampton)
Fiona Woollard, Associate Professor in Philosophy (University of Southampton)

Danielle Sands, Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Culture (Royal Holloway) and Forum for European Philosophy Fellow

The relationship between mother and foetus during pregnancy has long challenged our sense of ourselves as distinct individuals, as well as our conceptions of legal and moral responsibility. Are the mother and foetus best understood as one organism or two? What are the implications of this special relationship for the mother’s moral duty towards her child? The speakers in this event will ask how philosophy can help us to address these vital and perplexing questions.

This event is free to attend and does not require registration.


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25 October 2021

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