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What is protest art? What are its limits and what are its possibilities? Might there be a unique role for art in protest or does the political statement diminish the art? And once a piece of art becomes popular in the art world, can it still be protest art? We bring together those at the forefront of making and thinking about protest art to discuss what it has been, what it is, and what it might be.


Sacha Golob, Director, Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts, King’s College London
Robert Montgomery, Poet and artist; Author of Echos of Voices in the High Towers
Stephanie Schwartz, Lecturer in American Modernism, UCL

Sarah Fine, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy; Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, KCL


Supported by Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts, King’s College London.


Quick accessibility map here. Full access information for the Old Building in general, and the Old Theatre in particular, available here.

Coming up at the Forum

7 December 2021

Moritz Schlick

Moritz Schlick

With David Edmonds, Maria Galavotti, and Cheryl Misak

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