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‘We may go even further than this, and … believe that musical sounds afforded one of the bases for the development of language.’
—Charles Darwin


Music is thought to have played an important role in human evolution and in this event we explore the phenomenon and evolution of music. How deep does music go in human history and does music today have anything in common with music in prehistory? What role does music play in the evolution of the mind? And is the ability to hear music uniquely human or something we share with other animals?


Ian Cross
Professor of Music and Science, University of Cambridge

Diana Omigie
Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience, Goldsmiths

Barry Smith
Professor of Philosophy & Director, Institute of Philosophy, School of Advanced Study, University of London.


Jonathan Birch
Fellow, Forum for Philosophy
Associate Professor of Philosophy, LSE


Co-sponsored by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science


Quick accessibility map here. Full access information for the New Academic Building in general, and the Wolfson Theatre in particular, available here.


All welcome | Free to attend | First come, first served at the door


Coming up at the Forum

26 January 2021



With Lisa Bortolotti, Quassim Cassam, and Cailin O’Connor

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