Ian McBride/ Katherine O’Donnell/ Tom Stoneham

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Though often overlooked in discussions of the Enlightenment, Ireland was a vibrant centre for intellectuals of many stripes. Jonathan Swift, Edmund Burke, George Berkeley, and many others made lasting contributions to literature, philosophy, politics, and science. How did the turbulent political times of eighteenth-century Ireland affect this intellectual landscape? Is there something distinctively Irish about this writing? We discuss the thought and times of this remarkable group of thinkers.

Ian McBride, Foster Professor of Irish History, Hertford College, Oxford
Katherine O’Donnell, Associate Professor in History of Ideas, UCD
Tom Stoneham, Professor of Philosophy, University of York

Clare Moriarty
, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy and Teaching Fellow in Philosophy, UCD

In association with the British Society for the History of Philosophy

Recorded on 4 March 2019 at the LSE

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