Tom Dickins/ Eva Jablonka/ Sophie von Stumm

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Scientists agree that nature and nurture are essential ingredients in human development. But if both the blank slate and genetic determinism have been rejected, why do researchers still disagree and what is it that they disagree about? Join us as we’ll explore the issues at stake, taking a wide variety of perspectives, from the philosophy of science to epigenetics, and behavioural science to developmental psychology.

Tom Dickins, Professor of Behavioural Science, Middlesex University & Research Associate, CPNSS, LSE
Eva Jablonka, Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Tel Aviv University & Visiting Fellow, CPNSS, LSE
Sophie von Stumm, Professor of Psychology in Education, University of York

Jonathan Birch, Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Associate Professor of Philosophy, LSE

Co-sponsored by the Centre for Philosophy of the Natural and Social Sciences, LSE


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