Monday 7 March 2016
Seminar Room, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford

Sacha Golob, Lecturer in Philosophy, King’s College London
Denis McManus, Professor of Philosophy, University of Southampton
Joseph Schear, University Lecturer in Philosophy and  Tutorial Fellow, Christ Church, University of Oxford

Stephen Mulhall, Professor and Fellow in Philosophy, New College, University of Oxford

Sacha Golob’s Heidegger on Concepts, Freedom and Normativity (Cambridge University Press, 2014) provides a fundamentally new interpretation of early Heidegger. Drawing on close analyses of Heidegger’s work on intentionality, being, realism, and freedom, it argues for a new picture of his relationship to analytic philosophy, and to Plato and Kant. Join the author and panelists as they discuss and critique a number of the book’s central themes.