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Tuesday 26 January 2021  |  6–7.15pm


From COVID-19 to QAnon, misinformation is more ubiquitous and dangerous than ever. Lisa BortolottiQuassim Cassam, and Cailin O’Connor discuss why misinformation so attractive to so many, and what can be done about it. | More »

Tuesday 2 February 2021  |  6–7.15pm

On the Road

From ex-pats and immigrants to gap-year students and Travellers, Colin Clark, Nick Hayes, and Emily Thomas discuss why the movement of people from place to place is perceived in such vastly different ways. | More »

Monday 8 February 2021  |  6–7pm

Spaced Out

COVID-19 transformed the landscape, with an exodus from cities and our ever presence at home. Katie Beswick, Julia King, and Antoine Picon discuss planning for future public and private spaces.  | More »

Tuesday 16 February 2021  |  6–7pm

The Philosophers’ Book Club

Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich

The Philosophers’ Book Club is joined by Thomas Karshan and Olga Sobolev to discuss Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich. | More »

Monday 22 February 2021  |  6–7.15pm


David Bather Woods, Serene Khader, Mark Neocleous, and David Westley trace the philosophical traditions of resilience and explore critical perspectives on its modern forms | More »

Saturday 6 March 2021  |  11am–12pm

Not Suitable for Work

Ödül Bozkurt, Brian O’Connor, and Judy Wajcman discuss whether we’re working too much, making us bad citizens and unhappy humans | More »

Tuesday 9 March 2021  |  6–7.15pm

Histories of Thinking


Julia Ng, Jonathan Rée, and Justin E H Smith interrogate familiar narratives of philosophical history and explore more diverse accounts of philosophical thought. | More »

Monday 15 March 2021  |  6–7.15pm

Histories of Thinking


Sara Uckelman, Justin Vlasits, and Audrey Yap discuss logic and its history, from Aristotle, through medieval thought, and right up to its role in the so-called culture wars. | More »

Tuesday 22 March 2021  |  6–7.15pm

A Theory of Everything?

Is a general theory uniting the sciences possible? Can science be reduced to physics alone? Philip Ball, Vanessa Seifert, and Jessica Wilson discuss reduction, emergence, and the unity of the sciences.
| More »

Monday 29 March 2021  |  6–7pm

The Human Paradox

For Alan Montefiore, philosophy is a lived practice that entails ‘getting one’s feet wet’. Fiona Hughes and Adrian Moore celebrate Montefiore’s latest book, Philosophy and the Human Paradox.
| More »



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Previously at the Forum


Science Fiction & Philosophy

James Burton, Lewis Powell, and Lisa Walters discuss how science fiction and philosophy have influenced one another, putting the ‘phi’ back into ‘sci-fi’.


Anti-vaxxers & Other Sceptics

Rohin Francis, Katherine Furman, Heidi Larson on the causes of, and cures for, medical scepticism.