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Saturday 6 March 2021  |  11am–12pm

Not Suitable for Work

Ödül Bozkurt, Brian O’Connor, and Judy Wajcman discuss whether we’re working too much, making us bad citizens and unhappy humans | More »



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Tuesday 9 March 2021  |  6–7.15pm

Histories of Thinking


Julia Ng, Jonathan Rée, and Justin E H Smith interrogate familiar narratives of philosophical history and explore more diverse accounts of philosophical thought. | More »

Monday 15 March 2021  |  6–7.15pm

Histories of Thinking


Sara Uckelman, Justin Vlasits, and Audrey Yap discuss logic and its history, from Aristotle, through medieval thought, and right up to its role in the so-called culture wars. | More »

Tuesday 22 March 2021  |  6–7.15pm

A Theory of Everything?

Is a general theory uniting the sciences possible? Can science be reduced to physics alone? Philip Ball, Vanessa Seifert, and Jessica Wilson discuss reduction, emergence, and the unity of the sciences.
| More »

Monday 29 March 2021  |  6–7pm

The Human Paradox

For Alan Montefiore, philosophy is a lived practice that entails ‘getting one’s feet wet’. Fiona Hughes and Adrian Moore celebrate Montefiore’s latest book, Philosophy and the Human Paradox.
| More »



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Science Fiction & Philosophy

James Burton, Lewis Powell, and Lisa Walters discuss how science fiction and philosophy have influenced one another, putting the ‘phi’ back into ‘sci-fi’.


Anti-vaxxers & Other Sceptics

Rohin Francis, Katherine Furman, Heidi Larson on the causes of, and cures for, medical scepticism.