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6.00–7.15pm, Tuesday 9 March



Accounts of the history of philosophy become so familiar that we forget that they are limited and partial, yet they determine our perception of what counts as philosophical enquiry or knowledge. Which kinds of wisdom are excluded from traditional histories of philosophy? What modes of thought or expression have been neglected or deemed irrational? Whose interests are served by the prevailing accounts? We interrogate familiar narratives of philosophical history and explore more diverse, plural, and sometimes contradictory accounts of philosophical thought.


Julia Ng
Co-director, Centre for Philosophy and Critical Thought, Goldsmiths
Jonathan Rée
Historian and Author, Witcraft: The Invention of Philosophy in English
Justin E. H. Smith
Professor of Philosophy, University of Paris


Danielle Sands
Fellow, Forum for Philosophy & Lecturer in Comparative Literature and Thought, RHUL


Co-sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy





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