Bhikhu Parekh

Part of the Secularism and Shared Values series

6.30-8pm | Wednesday 6 June 2007
Room G108, 20 Kingsway, LSE

Bhikhu Parekh, Centennial Professor,  LSE; Emeritus Professor, University of Hull and Fellow of the British Academy

Secularism and Shared Values
The recent revival of religion around the globe has raised fundamental questions not only about its role in both national and international politics, but also concerning its claim to serve as a principle of identity indispensable to the continuing survival of communities and peoples across the generations. There are many who would argue strenuously that the sense of belonging to a community is seriously weakened in the absence of a shared religious commitment. Others would insist just as strenuously that social and public life should be both conceived and organised in essentially secular terms. Our lecture series, held at the LSE in the summer term 2007, brought together leading thinkers and scholars to encourage discussion and debate on this crucial contemporary theme.