Abeba Birhane/ Neil Lawrence/ Martin Robbins

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Looking for love? Ask your computer, since 1 in 5 couples now first meet online. Have we outsourced love to abstract algorithms? And what about elections or our summer getaways? From the targeted marketing of political campaigns to the predictive typing that preempts your Google search, machines may know us better than we know ourselves. We explore how far modern life is mediated by the computation of data, and ask whether we should trust in the algorithm or find ways to outwit it.

Abeba Birhane, Postgraduate Researcher in Cognitive Science, University College Dublin
Neil Lawrence, Professor of Machine Learning, University of Sheffield; Director of Machine Learning, Amazon
Martin Robbins, Writer for The Guardian, Vice, and Little Atoms on AI

Shahidha Bari, Fellow, The Forum; Senior Lecturer in Romanticism, Queen Mary, University of London

Recorded on 27 February 2018 in the LSE