Christina Howells / Alfons Grieder / Jean-Calude Jens / Fabio Ciaramelli / David Webb / Domenico Jervolino / Raul Fornet-Betancourt / Chiara Rustici

The Forum for European Philosophy Annual General Meeting and Conference
6.30-8pm | Friday 29 October – Saturday 30 October 1999
Glasgow University

Christina Howells, Oxford
Alfons Grieder, London
Jean-Calude Jens, Dijon
Fabio Ciaramelli, Naples
David Webb, Staffordshire
Domenico Jervolino, Naples
Raul Fornet-Betancourt, Aachen
Chiara Rustici, Edinburgh

In conjunction with Departments of French and Philosophy, Glasgow University, Institut Français (Londres), Italian Consulate (Edinburgh)