Miguel de Besteigui

4.30-7pm | Thursday 21 February 2002
Geoffrey Manton Building, Manchester Metropolitan University, Rosamund Street West, Manchester, M15 6LL

Miguel de Besteigui
, Lecturer in Philosophy, Warwick University

Seminar Series in Manchester
How do modern European philosophers challenge the way in which ethics is discussed in the world of Anglo-American philosophy? The aim of this seminar series is to explore notions of ethics at work in modern European philosophy, focusing particularly on the question of the primacy of ethics: is it, as Heidegger might be understand to claim, a discipline that comes after ontology, or, as Levinas has argued, does it occupy the place of first philosophy? One intention of the series is to encourage inter- or multi-disciplinary approaches to the guiding theme of the seminar series, exploring, for example, the importance of literature to ethical reflection, or investigating the contribution of modern European philosophy to questions of race and gender.

The FEP in Manchester
Dr Lars Iyer, the Forum’s Research Associate (2001-2002)