Mind, Language, and Reality in Anglophone and European Philosophy

Thursday, 16 May 2002|

Tom Baldwin / Sebastian Gardner / Bob Stern / Denis McManus

Borderlines One

Wednesday, 20 March 2002|

Michael Proudfoot

Film Through Philosophy

Saturday, 16 February 2002|

Simon Glendinning / Anna Grimshaw / Stephen Mulhall / Gurinder Chadha / Paul Mayeda Berges / Nicholas Bunnin

The Secret Artist – A Close Reading of Sigmund Freud

Tuesday, 4 December 2001|

Lesley Chamberlain / Malcolm Bowied

Image and Emotion in Surrealism

Tuesday, 6 November 2001|

Patrizia Lombardo

Madness and the Surrealist Self

Tuesday, 30 October 2001|

Johanna Malt

From Ready-Make to Moving Image

Tuesday, 23 October 2001|

Ramona Fotiade

The Promise of Thought

Tuesday, 12 December 2000|

Alex Düttmann

The Nature of Sound

Wednesday, 14 June 2000|

6.30-7.45pm | Wednesday 14 June 2000
Hayward Pavilion, Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London

Accompanying an exhibition of ‘sonic art’. The exhibition will explore sound as the carrier of words, music and noise. It will be particularly interested in the physicality of sound and the possibility of ‘forming’ it artistically. The Forum will introduce and investigate the idea of conceiving sound as […]

Humanity and Technology

Wednesday, 1 March 2000|


The Moment of Music Philosophy Temporality Performance

Saturday, 20 November 1999|

Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy in association with the Forum of European Philosophy and the Collège International de Philosophie (Paris)

Monday 20 November 1999
Middlesex University

There are many kinds of music and many ways of understanding it. But there is no music without performances, real or imagined. Music does not exist without musical events inside the head or out […]

Nietzsche and Post-Analytic Philosophy

Wednesday, 10 November 1999|

James Conant /  David Cooper / Christopher Janaway / Paul Patton /  Richard Schacht / Henry Staten / Tracy Strong

Interpreting Art

Wednesday, 27 October 1999|

Domenico Jervolino

Experiencing the Sublime

Wednesday, 8 September 1999|

Fiona Hughes / Paul Davies