Wittgenstein, Language and Life

Tuesday, 11 December 2001|

Denis McManus

Unanswerable Questions

Tuesday, 12 June 2001|

Paul Davies

What is the Right Method Philosophy?

Tuesday, 15 May 2001|

David Hillel-Ruben

Spinoza’s Tractatus Theologico Politicus

Tuesday, 6 March 2001|

Susan James

Does Psychoanalysis Still Matter to Philosophy?

Tuesday, 13 February 2001|

Emilia Steuerman

An Introduction to Russian Philosophy

Tuesday, 23 January 2001|

Lesley Chamberlain

The Promise of Thought

Tuesday, 12 December 2000|

Alex Düttmann

The Influence of Wittgenstein upon Hume, Marx and Nietzsche

Tuesday, 21 November 2000|

 Rupert Read

Becoming a Philosopher

Tuesday, 24 October 2000|

Jonathan Rée

Philosophical Discourse and the Formation of the Citizen

Tuesday, 18 January 2000|

Catherine Audard