Developing Philosophy of Management-Crossing Frontiers

Wednesday, 26 June 2002|

Tom Donaldson / Ed Freeman / Stephen Linstead


Saturday, 15 June 2002|

Paul Davies / Andy Clarke / Rae Langton / Cora Diamond / Michael Morris


Monday, 3 June 2002|

Andrew Hussey

Why Derrida is not a Postmodernist

Monday, 27 May 2002|

Christopher Norris


Saturday, 25 May 2002|

Diane Morgan / Howard Caygill / Gary Banham


Monday, 20 May 2002|

Kirsteen Andersen

Calm Film: Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line (1998)

Saturday, 18 May 2002|

Simon Critchley

Mind, Language, and Reality in Anglophone and European Philosophy

Thursday, 16 May 2002|

Tom Baldwin / Sebastian Gardner / Bob Stern / Denis McManus

Pictures hold us captive

Tuesday, 14 May 2002|

Michael Brearley

Borderlines One

Wednesday, 20 March 2002|

Michael Proudfoot


Monday, 18 March 2002|

6.30pm-8pm | Monday 18 March 2002 
Room 12.1, The Philosophy Department, 12th Floor, The Arts Tower, University of Sheffield

pp. 435-456

Introduction to Phenomenology
Reading Group in Sheffield

In this reading group we will discuss the works of the major figures of the twentieth-century philosophical movement “Phenomenology”. Each meeting will begin with a short presentation designed to stimulate discussion. Participants are asked to read […]

That Shine of Heavenly Light

Tuesday, 12 March 2002|

George Ross

The Philosophy of Robert Brandom

Saturday, 9 March 2002|

Robert Brnadom/ Chris Hookway/ Alessandra Tanesini

Death and the Question of Finitude

Thursday, 7 March 2002|

David Webb

Steven Lukes in conversation with Alan Montefiore

Tuesday, 5 March 2002|

Steven Lukes