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US companies ‘step up’ on paid leave

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The United States is the only country in the industrialized world that doesn’t mandate some form of paid family leave for employees. The tech industry, with other large companies not far behind, is beginning to adopt flexible, family-friendly paid leave policies to compete for skilled employees in a tightening labour market, argues Ken Fireman.

Google the phrase “lean in,” and almost […]

The malling of America may be history

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Changing tastes and overbuilding threaten the regional shopping centre, writes Ken Fireman.

Is the great American suburban shopping mall a dinosaur?

If you visit the site of Northland Center in suburban Detroit, you come away thinking so, because Northland was a trend-setter throughout its life cycle. It was the world’s largest shopping center when it opened in 1954, just as the […]

A globalized economy requires a globally savvy workforce

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Companies and business schools alike face a challenge, writes Ken Fireman.

With one deal, MetLife bought itself a great opportunity – and a significant problem. When the US insurance giant acquired American Life Insurance Co. in 2010, it instantly enhanced its position as a global force in its industry. The company’s international presence rose from 17 countries to 64, with new […]

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    American companies kick the tires of Cuba’s new-old economy

American companies kick the tires of Cuba’s new-old economy

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The allure masks major obstacles to doing business there, writes Ken Fireman.

The car was a Detroit classic on a Havana street, a pink and white 1956 Chevy Bel Air with a nickname out of a rock ‘n roll song: Lola. And parked behind the wheel was a distinguished American guest, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, come to Cuba in […]

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